“ We want them to say, ‘Yes, I remember her. She's the one who…’. ”

- Hafeez Lakhani


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At Lakhani Coaching, we view any student’s application—be it to boarding school, college, or graduate school—as a story. At every step, we ask: what is Ella’s story? What is her Overall Narrative? How do the various elements of her application, from grades, test scores, course selection, work experience, recommendation letters, intended areas of study, summer pursuits, extracurriculars, and most importantly, her essays—how do these disparate elements come together to tell an interesting story?

Our ultimate test for a strong application is as follows: imagine that we are admissions officers sitting around a table late in the afternoon. We must decide today on a pile of 500 student applications, all of which we reviewed on our iPads, in some haste, the previous week. The successful application will be one for which, when it’s time to discuss our student, someone at that table, even if tired, even after having discussed hundreds of candidates, will say: “Oh, Ella… She’s the one who…” 

It is our responsibility at Lakhani Coaching to help every one of our students uncover this absolutely memorable answer for herself.

Our most significant impact—where school admissions counselors often don’t have enough time with a student—is in the process of cultivating essays. These, more than anything, shape the Overall Narrative, through which we help students find originality, even amongst tens of thousands of other essays. Our curriculum is hinged on the old adage that “every writer should burn his first novel”. To us this means that first drafts are simply first tries—ways of clearing the throat, and of excavating gems that we are trained to identify, before we help students craft indelible second and third drafts.

Our Admissions services run the gamut, from preparing a robust list of target schools to the writing process cultivating essays. From planning for illuminating campus visits to preparing for interviews. From creating a customized testing calendar for each student to requesting memorable recommendations. Whatever a family’s concerns with the admissions process, Lakhani Coaching is here to help.






Applying to college can be overwhelming—but it doesn’t have to be. Lakhani Coaching guides families through every step of the process, including forming a long list and short list of appropriate schools, creating a testing calendar, planning illuminating campus visits, crafting college essays and supplements, requesting robust recommendations, submitting applications—including deciding around Early and Regular deadlines—and preparing for interviews. 

Our Admissions coaching works best when begun late sophomore, but can be engaged at any point through the fall of senior year.




Art School


From curating a portfolio to learning to speak eloquently about it, the process of applying to art school offers a unique set of challenges. Our Senior Art Advisor—a Yale MFA, professional artist, and art professor—has tremendous experience in guiding students through each aspect of this process. 

Ideally, we work with an art student one-on-one to cultivate the most powerful portfolio several months ahead of submission.




Business School


Our Grades, Scores, and Character paradigm shapes every application, but for our business school candidates, the Character element now includes the tremendous addition of work experience. It is through this lens that we view the Overall Narrative of a business school candidate, and help him shape the concise, cohesive story that will make him a compelling choice for that “last seat at the dinner table.




Law School


Law school applications are an exercise in minimalism—college grades, an LSAT (or GRE) score, one personal statement, and two letters of recommendation. For this reason, it is crucial that the personal statement is of the utmost quality and that recommenders are selected with the greatest awareness of how they contribute to one’s Overall Narrative

Alongside their expert LSAT instruction, our coaches guide students in shaping the personal statement to pass the “She’s the one who…” litmus test, revealing a candidate’s unique contribution to a law school community.




Medical School


Pre-med coursework and the MCAT aren’t the only barriers between you and admission to the medical school of your dreams—interviews, essays, and other factors carry tremendous weight. Being offered an interview to any medical school is incredibly competitive, and having one of our coaches in your corner goes a long way toward alleviating the stress associated with this potentially grueling application process.




Graduate School


Whether you are pursuing a Master’s in Education, a graduate degree in Real Estate Development, or a PhD in Quantum Physics, our Admissions coaches guide you through the process of identifying the best programs to apply to, and most importantly, to craft an Overall Narrative that passes the “He’s the one who…” litmus test.