"When I first met with Hafeez, we set goals for each SAT section, which to me were only a dream. Hafeez taught me that the only way to achieve these incredible scores was working hard. After lots of time and practice, I eventually secured a score within 20 points of my once-unbelievable target."

- Student, Palo Alto, CA

"Our daughter grew more focused with every year she worked with Hafeez."

- Parent, New York City, NY

"The level of communication between us and Hafeez was optimal, even for parents with a busy schedule like ours. He always sends a note right after the coaching session to inform us of the specific exercises and results."

- Parent, Milan, Italy

"Lakhani Coaching taught me about every side of applying to college, including small things that matter a lot, like how to make yourself stand out."

- Student, New York City, NY

"Ted has helped me enhance my understanding of my most important interest, art, and become better at discussing the themes and motivations in my work."

- Student, New York City, NY

"I just hoped that the coaching would improve my ACT score. I am so happy that not only did my ACT improve, but I got a new support system. Hafeez helped me become a more confident student."

- Student, Wallingford, CT

"Our son has become more focused on his academic performance and is becoming increasingly self-reflective about his abilities and areas where he can perform better."

- Parent, New York City, NY

"Both my daughters formed lasting relationships with their instructors, who acted equally as great mentors and great tutors."

- Parent, Madrid, Spain

"I was hoping to get better at talking about myself and my interests in interviews. Richard helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses through fun discussions. As a result, I felt motivated to improve my conversational skills."

- Student, New York City, NY

"I feel that Hafeez, Richard, and Shagran are invested in me and truly care about me and my endeavors. Their level of dedication is unmatched."

- Student, San Clemente, CA

"Working with others in the past, I’ve felt like they just wanted to get through the session, but working with Hafeez and seeing that he was proud of the progress I was making encouraged me to work harder."

- Student, Deerfield, MA


"We could not be more thrilled with the results of the work our son did with Lakhani Coaching. The personal attention combined with the positive attitude of the instructor and the rigor of the process produced exactly the result that our son aspired to achieve. Thank you Lakhani Coaching for helping our son realize his college dreams."

- Parent, New York City, NY

"Hafeez has made me much more confident in my interviewing skills. He offers specific feedback and will always return to questions I struggled with to make sure I fully understood his advice." 

- Student, Charlottesville, VA

"Before starting my work with Hafeez, I doubted my abilities in standardized testing. The confidence that he instilled in me was so powerful; he knew what I was capable of."

- Student, Deerfield, MA

"My experience with Lakhani Coaching is really unique. Unlike with a traditional tutor, the sessions are tailored to my personal strengths and weaknesses. All of my coaches work hard to make sure I understand the material, from Physics concepts to SAT grammar."

- Student, New York City, NY

"The areas that make Lakhani Coaching outstanding are communication with parents, advising outside the boundaries of instruction, helping the student work on their self-confidence, and the methodology of instruction, which is based on diligence and patience."  

- Parent, New York City, NY

"We viewed Lakhani Coaching as an active team member in the college application process. Liz got to know our son so well that she actively assisted in more than just exam preparation, but in helping him unlock his interests and be able to effectively write about them for his college applications."

- Parent, New York City, NY

"The positive reinforcement coupled with high expectations truly helped motivate my daughter in a way I didn’t think was possible. Out of seemingly nowhere, she realized what a passion she had for writing. We are so grateful to Lakhani Coaching."

- Parent, Bronxville, NY

"Lakhani Coaching is unlike any other tutoring company. My coach, Liz, worked hard to not only form an instructor-student relationship, but to become a friend and take an interest in my college process outside of SAT prep."

- Student, New York CitY, NY

"When our daughter started she was recalcitrant—she didn't see the need for coaching, although she desperately needed it. Hafeez was incredibly patient and focused on turning around her attitude, and it worked."

- Parent, New York City, NY