“Every path to achievement requires support, every step of the way.”




Our rates range from $260/hr to $1000/hr. Most of our clients complete between 50 and 150 hours, but we've seen successful students do as few as 15 and as many as 1,000. It depends entirely on the degree to which a family wants our day to day help.

While most of our students work on an hourly basis, we do offer the introductory package below as a way to begin with Lakhani Coaching.




High School Career Coaching

High school is not an easy maze to navigate on your own.

We guide students through a gambit of challenging processes including selecting fulfilling courses, understanding what grades and test scores are needed to earn admission to a dream college, and finding character pursuits that resonate with a student’s sincere interests.

Our coaching begins with a Goal Setting Meeting at the start of each semester, during which the entire team (student, parents, coach) arrives at a set of goals in each of our three paradigms for a fulfilling high school career: Grades, Scores, and Character. On the character front, the coach leads a thorough search for extracurricular pursuits tailored to each student’s unique curiosities, including both academic year and summer activities. 

By junior year, our students are on excellent footing to begin the college search process, cultivating first a long list then a short list of schools, before working over 20 dedicated hours with our College Coach to excavate their Overall Narrative for college essays and complete college applications. 

High School Career Coaching can begin at any time, but is most effective when started during freshman or sophomore year. Our introductory package includes the following:

  • first 5 hours of coaching directly with President, Hafeez Lakhani

  • first 5 hours of College Coaching, including college list and application coaching

  • first 15 hours of Overall Narrative College Essay coaching

Package price: $12,500

Note that any one-on-one instruction, academic, or test coaching will be billed in addition to the above package. Any hours in excess of above allowances will be billed on an hourly basis.