Lakhani Coaching

We teach students to turn desire into ambition,
and ambition into success. 


With our custom programs, even the loftiest goals are achievable.



Our students achieve unbelievable test score increases—and walk away empowered to face any challenge. 

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We help students craft an Overall Narrative, tying together wide-ranging threads to tell a compelling story.

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Academic Skills

As with a sport or a musical instrument, academic skills can be learned, improved, and mastered. We offer an individualized approach to coaching virtually any subject area as well as specialized guidance in study skills.

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Character Growth

Grades and scores get you into the 'good' pile, but character helps you stand out from the good pile. We work with each student to cultivate an original character story, so you'll never risk looking the 'same on paper' as anyone else.

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Our students become better thinkers with bigger dreams.


Throughout the arduous testing process, Hafeez and his team supported our daughter in a manner that that went beyond comprehensive test prep. Lakhani Coaching instilled a confidence in her that allowed her to persevere and achieve the SAT score she set as a goal and, ultimately, early acceptance to Columbia University.

- parent, Atlanta, GA


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